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Labrador Retrievers


Jockholm Curious Augustine

Breeding Male

"Gus" is very curious indeed, especially if there is something to chew on! Augustine, or "Gus" for short, is our new breeding male. He comes from our friends at Luna Moon Retrievers, and is of hunting lineage with many Master Hunters "MH" listed on his pedigree.

As of right now, Gus has a thick, soft, yellow coat with black skin, paw pads, and nose. He is as lovable as you could want in a lab. Gus is still growing. We will update his physical traits, paw print panel, and OFA clearances before his first litter.  

AKC SS42413101

Jockholm Sassy Sadie

Breeding Female

Sadie was bred right here on the farm. However, she lives full time with "Mamaw and PapPap". She frequents the farm for boarding, bonding, and will do so during breeding and puppy times. 

Sadie has a beautiful fox red coat, probably the reddist coat produced by Charlie and Aris. The feel of her coat is coarse and short, similar to that of Charlie's. She is as smart as her sire, and acts just like him. Sadie is still growing. We will update her physical traits, paw print panel, and OFA clearances before her first litter.  

AKC SS42963503


Jockholm Mischievous Aristotle

Breeding Male

Aris is his short name. Aris is named after the great philosopher, Aristotle. Like his name sake, Aris contains immense spirit and hunting drive. He is an excellent retriever and has great potential as a bird dog.

Aris loves to accept "pets" from his humans while squeezing between their legs and getting scratches on his rear end. His coat is jet-black and mildly wire-haired, or a coarse smooth and extremely waterproof.

Aris is the smallest of the Jockholm Family Farm's dogs, weighing at 60 pounds. He has deep, expressive black eyes. While Aris is not a hunter (right now), his Sire is a National Master Hunter. You can read about Aris' sire here. 

AKC SS11681904. Genetic profile available and registered with OFA. DNA registered with AKC. OFA eyes are NORMAL w/ breeder options noted (12/20/22), elbows are NORMAL, and hips are GOOD.

OFA Results

Jockholm Flying Charlie

Retired Breeding Female

Charlie, named after the movie Top Gun, is the sweetest of the bunch. Her favorite activities including retrieving balls, chewing squeaky toys, and giving gentle kisses to all who greet her. She has great retrieving drive, but can also be a warm buddy relaxing on the couch.

While not as small as Aris, Charlie weighs under 70lbs when she isn't carrying extra weight. She has a shorter yellow coat with a red tint at times ("fox tail") even though she is not a dilute gene carrier. Charlie has no hunting lineage that we know of, but she is a master ball hunter at home.

AKC SR98489404. Genetic profile available and registered with OFA. DNA registered with AKC. OFA eyes are NORMAL w/ breeder options noted (12/20/22), elbows are NORMAL, and hips are GOOD.

OFA Results



Honorable Mention: Neutered Farm Dog

While Bernoulli is not available for breeding, you will see him when you come to look at puppies. For this reason, he gets an honorable mention. 

He is the largest of the three, around 80 pounds, and in true Chocolate Lab spirit, the derpiest of them all. He can be over-zealous with his affection, but is a great buddy to have around. He secretly thinks that Charlie is his girlfriend, but we haven't the heart to tell him it won't work out well.

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Meet the Herd: Meet the Team
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