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We enjoy being a low volume breeder in addition to the more traditional farming activities.


Price of Litter Puppy

Jockholm Mischievous Aristotle (SS11681904) is available for stud service. You can learn more about him on the Meet the Herd page. AI services available. Please inquire below if interested.

Due to Aris having a yellow father and a chocolate mother, he has the potential to produce all three coat colors, depending on the dam's coat traits.



The puppies are all in their new homes. We won't have another litter until approximately late 2025 / early 2026 when our new breeding female (Sadie) is old enough to carry a litter. 

Puppies from Jockholm Family Farm will have AKC registration papers, microchip, any dewclaws removed, and receive up to date deworming and vaccinations. Health certificates can be provided for an additional fee. Please note puppies from our sire are extremely active. However they have a high desire to please their owners, are extremely smart, and not too hard to train. 

With only one breeding male and female, can not predict the timing of our litters. Our dogs are first and foremost our pets, so our goal is not to stress them for a profit. You can read more about our breeding dogs on the Meet the Herd page.

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Genetic Test Results for Aristotle

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Genetic Test Results for Charlie

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Genetic Disclosures 

In the process of doing our part to be responsible breeders, it was detected that Charlie is a carrier for exercise induced collapse - meaning she has one of the two genes required to be clinical. Additionally, even though Aris is jet black, he is a carrier of the dilute gene. No puppies produced on Jockholm Family Farm will have a dilute coat (charcoal, red, silver) and none will suffer from exercise induced collapse. The puppies have a 50% chance of also being carriers for these genes. Since two genes are required to be clinical, we can guarantee none will suffer from EIC or have a dilute coat. Only if breeding with these puppies would you need to pay attention to the genetic panel of the mate. 

However, we require anyone using puppies from our litters as breeding stock to either have genetic testing done or to breed with a dog clear of exercise induced collapse and the dilute gene. If there is interest, we can have genetic testing done on the litter. This would give potential buyers knowledge of passed on dilute and/or exercise induced collapse gene.

If using Aris for stud service, we will require genetic record of the dam being clear of the dilute gene.

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